Saturday, August 29, 2015

Job's Job's, Job's!

Increase the minimum wage gradually to $15.00 an hour, with some benefits regulated by law. This puts more money into everyone's pocket, so that everyone has more money to spend, new businesses will pop-up, all over the land.

Our infrastructure is crumbling, roads and bridges are dangerous, People all over this country could be put to work repairing and rebuilding our roads and bridges.

At election day, people stand in line for many hours, especially in mostly black districts, we need more poll workers working longer hours, more early voting days, and Bernie plans to also introduce legislation to congress that will make election day a national holiday, also to automatically register 18 yr olds to vote. to re-enfranchise felons,

Will end the private-for-profit prison racket, that keeps so many of our citizens in prison's for vague, minor, 'crimes', that should not be. Increase the prison rehabilation programs, and of course hire more at higher wages.

It should not be a prison offence to try 'pot', it should be legal, it is a beneficial medicine for many, relaxing for some, and legally available for all.

Not for sale!

Campaign workers know that the two major party's get 95% of the campaign contributions. Bernie has chosen to be an Independent. Money from Lobbyist did not interest him, he was re-elected Senator of Vermont, by 71% of the popular vote.

When Bernie was just a teenager, he fought for civil rights.

All of the campaign funds that Bernie has gotten, have come from thousands of grass root supporters, the average donation being $35.00. No hundred dollar or more, dinners. No billionaire supporters, though this may change if and or when he may get the nomination for the Democratic Party.

Bernie rides coach fare on commercial airlines, making notes for his next speech, he's been caught on camera, squeezed in the middle seat of a three seat row.

Demilitarize Police!

Bernie spoke with the 'Black Lives Matter' groups. And continues to speck to people of all color.

He pledges to 'demilitarize' the police, to supply body camera's to all departments. To have a full investigation of all police shootings. To insist that the police force guarding a community should look like the community they guard.

I might add that we could bring back the 'Policeman's Ball' or something similar. Let racists get a job with what's left of the KKK.

We will have in our politicians, what the majority of us will tolerate.

Middle class war!

Our middle class is already gone, we now resemble a third world country, having about 1 tenth of 1% of the super rich running this country, and 90% poor, getting stuck with the taxes that the rich have gotten away with not paying.

The poor 'do' pay taxes, and those who can least afford it, like those addicted to alcohol, or cigarette's, pay the most, it is tax on cigarette's and tax on each bottle of alcohol.

I never had a problem with alcohol, I drank some at party's, a 'social' drinker, but the good Lord knew I needed to be addicted to something, so he led me at the age of 16, to try a camel cigarette, I wanted to be a 'grown-up', I 'played' it cool all through high school, and by the time that I graduated, the cigarette's were in a sense, 'smoking me'. I was addicted. For the next 40 years, I was addicted. An alcohol or cigarette addiction is so difficult to break, that often it just kills it's victim's, but God willing with a patch and an e-cigarette with no nicotine in the vapor, Granny finally got off of them. Wonder how much in taxes I paid in that 40 years, besides what they took out of each paycheck.

If I had not become addicted, I think that I would have been so self-righteous that I couldn't stand myself.

I would like to suggest that any thing that goes to supply our military, should be manufactured in this country, to avoid sabotage, from gun's and 'sword's' and uniforms to bombs, jeeps, planes, and ship's, including air force one. Putting America back to high paying Manufacturing jobs.

Our infrastructure is in such bad shape, that it is dangerous, man-hole's explode sending their covers high, bridges collapse, roads buckle, forest's burn. Bernie will put Americans to work on the infrastructure first.

Friday, August 28, 2015

And the Poor

The poor are not children of a lessor God, they are the victums of lessor men.

So often I hear that it's ok to cut food stamps, but those who benefit from the food stamps, are most often children, disabled or seniors, people who can't work, and must rely on society to help them. If you believe in the Bible than read what Jesus says in Matthew 25:31-46 See my Sermon on The Blog!